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Wild Honey

(Crime and Passion Book Five)

$10.99 Paperback

$4.99 E-book

Length: 284 Pages

Conspiracy, revenge and sexual tension mix on an exotic Caribbean island...

Description: The ones who know you best can hurt you the most…

Nikki Siriene uses her seductive skill as a weapon in a secret war against slavery. But when her team is betrayed from the inside, Nikki finds herself isolated and suspicious of everyone she once trusted. When her enemies become reluctant allies and friends are killed, how can a woman find her way out of the shadows?

The author truly captures the erotic, the psychotic and the essence of his subject matter. His books are an eye opening journey into the world of espionage, crime, coercion, and slavery and in Wild Honey, Mr. Hennessy treats the reader to excellent visual and sensory writing.
— Amazon Review

The Crime and Passion Series

If you enjoy international crime thrillers with intelligent sexuality and a focus on complex female characters, then explore the world of Crime and Passion.

This ongoing series tells the story of one man’s secret war against international sex slavery and one woman’s journey from manipulated puppet to seductive professional.  

Smoke and Shadow

(Crime and Passion Book Four)


$10.99 (Paperback) 

$3.99 (E-book)

Length: 277 Pages

Mercenaries face sex slavery and their own demons from New York to Sudan and Iraq to Oman...

Description: You'll never see them coming...

In the dark world of espionage, Hamilton Chu and Harrison Trent are secret warriors. Driven by loyalty, excitement, and money, these modern day mercenaries travel around the world to spy, sabotage and kill.

But how much of their humanity do they sacrifice with each turn of the knife or pull of the trigger? How can they succeed in missions where violence only makes things worse? 

Smoke and Shadow is fluid, sharp, and concise. The plot flows at the perfect speed to keep the reader engaged. The characters are multi-leveled, deep individuals with very real pains, fears, frustrations and hopes.
— Amazon Review


A Touch of Honey

(Crime and Passion Book Three)

Touch Cover Final.jpg


$10.99 (Paperback)

$2.99 (E-Book)

Length: 430 Pages

A story of forbidden sexuality and brutal misogyny deep in New York nightlife.

Description:  In seduction, control is surrender and surrender is control.

Nikki Siriene uses her sexual charms to manipulate men and steal their secrets. She lives in constant fear because the man who used to love her is now trying to kill her.

Desperate for protection, she agrees to a relationship of mutual exploitation with a mysterious spy named Warren Baker. He agrees to protect her from her enemies if she agrees to help take down a sex slave operation in New York.

Entering into this world of depravity and pain pushes Nikki to the edge of sanity. Can she escape with her freedom and her life, or will she become just another human trafficking statistic?

A Touch of Honey is not for the prudish or timid. It is graphic, brutal, painful, frightening, but it is a well told story that takes the reader into seeding back alleys and high profile clubs and shows them the underbelly of a terrible world that abuses and exploits women
— Amazon Review

A Taste of Honey

(Crime and Passion Book Two)

$9.99 (Paperback)

$1.99 (E-book)

Length: 225 Pages

Seduction and deception meets in the glamorous heat of Argentina.

DescriptionIn the wrong hands, seduction is a deadly weapon 

Nikki Siriene will do anything for her lover Chris. She'll use her sexual charms to spy for him. She'll deal with everything from the constant slut shaming of his mercenaries to the threat of sudden violence from his targets. But she wants a better life. When Chris brings her to Argentina to seduce a suspected arms dealer, Nikki hopes this will be the last job; the one that will keep them together. 

Getting close to a powerful man is easy for a woman with Nikki's skills. Dealing with his paranoid business partner and mysterious wife create complications and problems she couldn't anticipate. The jealousy and danger increase until one explosive secret could cost Nikki her lover, her sanity and her life.  

Gamal is a wonderful storyteller. His characters are rich, charismatic and dynamic, his plot is engaging and captivating and his delivery makes you unable to put the book down.
— Amazon Review


A Taste of Honey has won praise from critics and readers alike, maintaining average rating of 4.7 stars on Amazon.

Smooth Operator

(Crime and Passion Book One)

Smooth Operator (Crime and Passion Book One)

$10.99 (Paperback)

$0.99 (E-book)

Length: 360 Pages

Assassins, spies and vigilantes hunt each other on the streets of New York.

Description: He knows what you want… 

Born into privilege, wounded by war, and skilled in the art of manipulation, Warren Baker works like a spider. He weaves plans and plots, drawing people into his web until they accomplish his goals without ever knowing he was involved. 

Smooth Operator is an anthology of crime fiction that has an average rating of 4.5 on Amazon.

The writing in Smooth Operator is superb, the plots and characters credible, the action and thrills are intense and the sex and sensuality highly erotic without being pornographic.
— Amazon Review


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Free Crime and Passion Stories

Friends and Family

(A Free Prelude to Smoke and Shadow)

Price: Free

Length: 54 Pages

Description: You can't escape your past...

Harrison Trent is a professional operator hunting a slave trader in the dark streets of New York City. His search lures him back into a world of dangerous sexuality and sudden violence that he tried to escape. When pieces of his past begin to overshadow his mission, will Trent become the victim of his own fatal attraction?

The Replacements

(A Free Prelude to A Touch of Honey)

Replacements Cover Final.jpg


Length: 12 Pages

Description: On the street, you only get to make one mistake.

Three young men travel from the suburbs to the city in search of forbidden pleasure. They think they are prepared to commit a crime and become men, but are they ready for the surprise that their dealer has set up for them?

The Fall of King Richard

(A Free Prelude to A Taste of Honey)


(Amazon hasn't made the book free yet, so if you get it from them it will be $0.99. You're better off just downloading the PDF below)

Length: 24 Pages

Description: We Don't Control Desire. Desire Controls Us

Richard Pengrove lives a charmed life. He's the senior officer in an influential Swiss bank. He has a beautiful wife and child. On the surface, Richard has it all.

But Richard also has secrets. He is hiding a French mistress, Russian mafia clients and a hunger that he can't control. When all these tensions collide, will Richard have anything left?

The Fall of King Richard is a free introduction to the world of Crime and Passion. 

It is available from these retailers

Broken Glass

(A Free Prelude to Smooth Operator)

Price: Free

(Amazon hasn't made the book free yet, so if you get it here it's $.99, but I'm working on changing it)

Length: 25 Pages

DescriptionGood deeds can hide the most sinister motives 

Russ Warner owns a bar for the bankers and brokers on Wall Street. He has to deal with arrogant wealthy customers every night, but Alex is the worst of them.

One night, the two men argue over a woman and storm out of the bar. The next morning, one of them is dead. Who’s the killer and how is this common disagreement tied to a much larger conspiracy?

Broken Glass is a free introduction to the world of Crime and Passion. It is available at these retailers:

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April 2017

Dark Honey

(Crime and Passion Book Six)