Once in a while, someone takes time out of their busy day to comment on my work or ask me about the craft of writing.  I appreciate every review, comment and blog post about my novels, because writing is a lonely craft and it’s easy to feel like I’m screaming into an abyss. So in honor of everyone who’s paid attention to Nightlife Publishing, I offer this sample of reviews and interviews.


Top Books Worth Reading on A Taste of Honey: It’s not often that you find a thriller novel that dares to touch a high level of eroticism without affecting the plot and the flow of the action. Actually, in “A Taste of Honey”, the steamy scenes are so well done and perfectly integrated that they add a lot to the characters, allowing the readers to understand what is happening in their minds and souls.  

Jo Ammons: New York Books Examiner on A Taste of Honey:  It is that kind of thriller that doesn’t shy away from showing how the world of crime truly is, and the author has created a story in which seduction and sex are the most powerful weapons.

Independent Publisher News on A Taste of Honey: Thriller fans will find in Gamal Hennessy’s book a compelling story, a complicated puzzle they are invited to solve together with the characters, and a completely unexpected ending that will take them by surprise. In short, “A Taste of Honey” has everything it needs to become a bestseller.

Glenda Bixler: Author and Critic on A Taste of Honey: I have trouble with an erotic novel that doesn't have a great background story. So I was very pleased and excited to read A Taste of Honey! If you like it sexy, you're going to find it here... If you like crime stories like I do...you've also got a good story here!


Interview with Leti del Mar of Rock the Book on my creative and publishing process

Audio interview with John Byk and Marta Merajver of Writers Alive on A Taste of Honey

Guest essay with Meghan Hyden of Between the Bindings on writing as a long-term love affair

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