Resistance to Trumpzilla Requires Collective Stamina

According to Kate Zernike of the New York Times, the Resistance to the Trumpocalypse risks losing momentum.

There is always a fear that there’s a ton of energy now, but these are not professional organizers. They are doing this in their free time — nights, weekends, sick days. This is tough work to do. And while the Tea Party united largely around one goal for seven years, abolishing Obamacare, members of the new resistance have a host of next priorities including pushing an investigation of ties between Russia and the Trump campaign, getting Mr. Trump to release his tax returns, and reversing his executive orders to restrict immigration and loosen environmental protections."

The good news, or bad news depending on how you look at it, is that Trumpence Bannon will continue to blunder through the Trumpocayplse. They can be counted on to provide fresh sources of outrage for the public, the media and comedians around the world.

But as that great 20th century poet said in his seminal work We Be Clubbin’, “Life ain’t a track meet. It’s a marathon. If we’re going to Resist, we need to stay focused and pace ourselves.

Persist and Resist…