Unite and Conquer Against the Trumpocalypse

By Gamal Hennessy

Although Trumpzilla can’t seem to get anyone to perform at his inauguration, plenty of people are planning to be there. By their accounts, the Women’s March on Washington will have more than 350,000 people protesting the Tweeter in Chief. Ahead of what could be a historic event, the group has released its guiding principles in a PDF you can see here.

What’s interesting about this statement is the inclusionary nature of the goals. This march isn’t just about what are naively thought of as women’s issues (abortion, sexual assault and economic disparity), the group claims to be fighting for racial justice, voting rights and clean water. They are planning to fight against police brutality, sex slavery and attacks on LGBTQ citizens. Based on this manifesto, it feels like this movement will see women’s rights connected to human rights on a fundamental level.

Of course, it will take more than a PDF to resist the illegal occupation of the federal government. Words, marches, and emotions have to be backed by coordinated action. Otherwise they’re fuel without an engine. But a unified message of resistance can help bring us together. It can create the foundation we can use to help each other through the dark days ahead.

Have fun.