One Hundred Days of Ineptitude

Peter Baker of the New York Times tries to provide insight as the First 100 Days of the Trumpocalypse comes to a close.

“It may not be meaningful, but Trumpence Bannon has invested quite a lot of meaning in the 100-day grading period, deeply anxious that it be judged a success at this early stage. And not just a success, but one with plenty of superlatives: the most successful president with the most executive orders and bills signed and the best relationships with foreign leaders and the most action taken by any president ever in the first 100 days. Even though it’s an artificial barrier.”

Optics have an impact Trumpzilla, and by most benchmarks you are failing.

You have failed the country you are supposed to lead.

You have failed your base waiting for you to usher in their racist, misogynistic and homophobic state.

You are failing the party who helped put you in power.

If you committed treason by colluding with Russia, you’re failed them by not keeping the deal under wraps. You could be succeeding if Putin’s goal is to cripple American international power, but we shall see.

The only people who you’ve helped at this point are the comedians who make a living mocking you, the cable news shows who make money dissecting every broken sentence you utter and the new wave of resistance your clumsy shenanigans have inspired.

Optics have an impact Trumpzilla, and it’s only going to get worse on day 101.

Resist and Persist…