Writing Rape Culture into the Healthcare Law

Why would the Trump Zombies want to punish the victim of a horrible crime?

According to Mic and The Hill, the latest version of Trumpcare would label sexual assault as a pre-existing condition insurance companies could use as justification for the denial of coverage.

This is an attempt to profit from rape culture on a systemic scale.

This would create an environment where insurance companies join the rapists (and often the police and the courts) in abusing sexual assault victims for months and years after the initial crime.

This is a cash savings for institutional investors at the expense of the most vulnerable people in our society.

It would also create a chilling effect where victims would avoid reporting their abuse to make sure they could get insurance.

So what kind of country values money more than the health, safety and sanity of its people?

If you ask Trumpzilla, yours does.

Persist and Resist...